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our 33RD annual dance recital

UPDATED 5/12/2022

Image by Kazuo ota

what to expect

Our 33rd Annual Dance Recital “The Greatest Show" is coming!
Saturday, June 4, 2022 at USDAN Amphitheatre located in Wheatley Heights.


If this is your child’s first dance recital experience, or first recital experience with us at SBS, here are a few important highlights of what to expect:


Dress Rehearsal:

  • We will hold a dress rehearsal in the studio on Tuesday, May 31st, Wednesday, June 1st and Thursday, June 2nd. There will be no classes, or rehearsal on Friday, June 3rd. This dress rehearsal, dancers should come fully ready in their recital outfits- including: costume, tights, proper shoes, hair, and makeup (makeup optional but who doesn’t love lipstick?) We will take a class photo in Studio A, and then head into Studio B to practice our routine. Exact schedule will be emailed to all families in Recital 2022 Packet. Parents will be welcome to view this dress rehearsal.

Recital Day:

  • Outside the theatre there will be a large white tent. Inside the tent each class will have a table- find your dancers class table/chaperone to check in. Company dancers dressing rooms are located inside the building to the left of the white tent. All dancers must arrive for check in at their class designated call time. Call times vary between 1 hour before to 30 minutes before. Please be mindful the pre-show jitters need time to ease. So please arrive on time. We will rehearse each class on stage prior to the show starting. We cannot wait for latecomers- please be on time!

  • For security reasons, dressing rooms, and backstage areas are for staff, volunteers, and dancers only.

  • After dropping your child off at their table parents and families can wait on the line to enter the theatre, but not necessary because seats are assigned. Theatre will open to take your seats 30 minutes ahead of show time.

  • All children will stay backstage until the end of the performance. There are no exceptions, as this is for everyone’s safety.


While In Amphitheatre:

  • There should be NO eating while in the amphitheater.

  • Water is permitted (and encouraged) as June weather will deem it necessary.

  • Please feel free to applaud and cheer after each performance and avoid entering and exiting the theatre during a routine. A good rule of thumb is only move from your seat in between songs, and only if necessary.

  • The use of flash photography, videography is strictly prohibited. Holding up the devices becomes a viewing distraction for those around you. We have a professional videographer to capture the magic. Enjoy the moment of this incredible event.

Recital Tickets:

  • Tickets will go on sale through an online ticketing platform in May. All details and information surrounding tickets will be emailed to our studio families. If you are not a current studio family and would like to attend our show please give us a call at 516-454-0131. Be sure to provide your email address so you will get an email notification when tickets go on sale to the public.  

Recital Tips and Tricks:

  • Dirty Shoes - Leather shoes can be cleaned with a baby wipe. Canvas shoes can be cleaned through washing machine. 

  • Hair - Teachers will specify the hair style required for each dance. All accessories should be placed on the right side. (Right is Right!)

  • Itchy Costume- Baby powder, fabric tape, and sewing fabric on the reverse side of the costume will reduce the itch. 

Other Information:

  • Picture Day - Sunday, May 15th | OPTIONAL solo shot of your dancer in their recital costume. 

  • All other important details including: dress rehearsal times, show times, call times will be released when the recital gets a bit closer. These details are still being worked on. 

Recital Tips, Tricks and FAQ:
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