our 32nd annual dance recital

Image by Kazuo ota

what to expect

Recital planning is well underway here at SBS! As you already know, our 32nd Annual Dance Recital “Bright Lights in the Big City” will take place on Saturday, July 10, 2021 at USDAN Amphitheatre located in Wheatly Heights.


If this is your child’s first dance recital experience, or first recital experience with us at SBS, here are a few important highlights of what to expect:


Dress Rehearsal:

  • We will hold a dress rehearsal in the studio a few days prior to the show. This dress rehearsal, dancers should come fully ready in their recital outfits- including: costume, tights, proper shoes, hair and makeup (makeup optional but who doesn’t love lipstick?) We will take a class photo in Studio A, and then head into Studio B to practice our routine. Exact schedule is TBD-- please note we cannot wait for latecomers.

Recital Day:

  • Check in tables according to last name will be outside the dressing room tents. All dancers must arrive for check in at the theatre the day of the recital 1 hour prior to show time. Please be mindful the pre-show jitters need time to ease. So please arrive on time.

  • Parent signature is required at check in and check out so a parent escort to this area is necessary.

  • For security reasons, dressing rooms, and backstage areas are for staff, volunteers, and dancers only. Parents will check in their dancer at the designated table (according to last name.) After the show you will return to the same area and pick up your child.

  • All children will stay backstage until the end of the performance. There are no exceptions, as this is for everyone’s safety.



While In Amphitheatre:

  • There should be NO eating while in the amphitheater.

  • Water is permitted (and encouraged) as July weather will deem it necessary.

  • Please feel free to applaud and cheer after each performance, and avoid entering and exiting the theatre during a routine. A good rule of thumb is only move from your seat in between songs, and only if absolutely necessary.

  • The use of flash photography, videography is strictly prohibited. Holding up the devices becomes a viewing distraction for those around you. We have professional photographers and videographers to capture the magic. Enjoy the moment of this incredible event.


Recital Tickets:

The amount of tickets available per family is pending NYS guidelines on outdoor entertainment venues. More information to follow. 

Click the "costumes" button to view your dancers costumes for the recital!