covid-19 PROTOCOL

Updated as of 07/31/2020 and will be updated regularly to comply with CDC guidelines.

We feel it is very important to a child’s physical health, and mental health that they participate in dance classes. We promise to provide a safe environment for your child to learn, grow and socialize and

in ordnance with CDC Guidelines.


  • Dance studio classes will be at a reduced capacity. Dancers will always be kept 6 feet apart from each other and staff. 

  • Staff members will be in masks. 

  • All dancers and families are to wear masks while enter/exiting the building and while in the waiting room.

  • Masks are optional for dancers while dancing.

  • Families, when possible drop off at the rear doors. If necessary, to enter the building masks must be worn. 

  • Parents must conduct their own health assessment of their dancer prior to arriving to the studio. This includes but is not limited to taking temperature and discussing all COVID19 symptoms. If your child is sick, please do not bring them to dance class. It is dangerous for our students, staff, and families. 

  • Dancers will be given sanitizer before entering the studio space, and after leaving the studio space. Sanitizing stations will also be located at our doors for use at entry and exit. 

  • Both studio spaces have a 15 min break in between each class designated to cleaning, and sanitizing before the new group of dancers arrive. Please keep in mind the importance of picking up your children in an on-time fashion this way staff can clean and set the space for the next group of dancers. 

  • Deep sanitizing measures will be taken weekly. Daily maintenance cleaning will take place by the Step By Step Dance Studio staff. 

  • The water fountain will be closed until further notice. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. 

  • If a confirmed case of COVID- 19 occurs in our studio the studio space will close for two weeks or until safe for a disinfecting period. Classes for those two weeks or until safe will be held via Zoom until we can safely go back into the studio.

  • Tuition will be due the first of the month as usual even if a studio closure takes place. Payment over the phone for credit cards, or mail for checks should be made. A tuition discount for zoom classes will be applied once a reopening is evaluated.

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