Jennifer O’Neill, Director of Step By Step Dance Studio began her dancing journey right here at Step By Step Dance Studio under the direction of Sharon Dunphy Bartlett.


Miss Jen’s dream has always been to share her passion of dance to her community in a safe environment, free of competition exactly how she was taught. Jennifer danced through her childhood, proceeded to dance for the Farmingdale High School Dalerettes Dance team serving as a junior captain and senior captain. Jennifer then majored in dance studies and earned her BFA from Long Island University. Immediately after graduation Jennifer booked her dream job- NFL Cheerleader for the New York Jets.


Jennifer prioritizes her training so she can provide exceptional education to her students so after her time with the New York Jets Flight Crew she then completed Broadway Dance Centers Professional Semester and Broadway Dance Centers Training Program while also performing at various venues around Manhattan including Broadways Symphony Space, Alvin Ailey Studios, Long Islands Tilles Center to name a few. She continues to train in NYC to provide herself with the best dance education and in turn give that direction to her students. 

Jennifer is a passionate dance educator who’s excitement for dance becomes contagious to her students. 

Jennifer O'Neill

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